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netflix cost

Why Netflix?

Online movies and TV serials have become one of the basic necessities that a person needs to fulfill his or her day. in our everyday life we hardly get any time to sit in front of the TV to watch a show because TV shows come at a particular time and at that time which we are usually busy in our work . so Netflix is a website which gives us innumerable movies and TV. If you use a Netflix VPN with US or UK server, you can access even more content.

so whenever you are feeling bored or want to watch a movie or any kind of TV show episode you can just log into Netflix and watch them there. but the one drawback that Netflix has is that it is not free of cost. you will have to spend some amount of money after this wonderful application. the price varies from one place to another.

in this piece of writing, we will be discussing the advantages of Netflix and this article and the cost it poses to its users.

The website of Netflix has a huge database filled up with titles which are available for online watching of videos.. and they have even embedded films on site and they also link to the hosting sites.

Netflix is a website which is also frequently updated on a regular basis. it also consists of many genres of movies such as drama, crime, comedy, family, horror movies , trailer, Romance films, Western movies, sometimes animation movies, biographies, and even more, you can also search for your favorite movie by its name using the search bar in the Netflix.

all the available videos and movies on this Netflix website are full high definition quality. so you can also enjoy watching these videos anytime you want that you at very high definition levels.. the episodes can be downloaded in 420 pixels 720 pixels and 1080 pixels quality.

the best features that this site provides is the mobile optimized streaming player which allows us to watch TV shows on iOS or Android smartphone or Tablet on the go even with a slow Internet connection. If you can’t afford the Netflix then there is an alternative called Movie Box which is application for Android.

so nowadays TV is a backdated device and all that is coming into our age bracket is the online websites which allow us to watch recorded TV serials and movies anytime we want to watch them

Previously the price of Netflix was low .but since a few months its consumers are facing a slight rise in the price and dissatisfaction is rising only .and it has caused fret in the minds of the customers about whether it is correct or right to use Netflix anymore or not…

in this article, we have mentioned each plan so you know exactly what you are going to get and if those extra are worth the added price for you.

Netflix got 3 different kinds of plans when it comes to the case of streaming, for example, the basic than the standard plan and the premium plan as well then say starting at $8 and it increases incrementally by $2 making the standard and premium plan $10 and $12 respectively. The breakdown of price has been given down here

PlanPrice($)Number of screensresolution
Premium124HD+Ultra HD
PlanDVD price($)Blue Ray Price($)No. of discs out at a time
Limited56Two per month

This was all about a brief discussion on Netflix and its price. Hope this article helped you. We will soon be back with more such crunchy tricks!

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