Jio has become the Highest Network Availability & Overall Download Speed Operator

OpenSignal has released the latest report of Telecom Operators in India. In that report, they have included all the stats of Indian Operators which has the Highest Download Speed & Network Availability. Around Six months ago, Airtel had topped for the highest 4g download speed among all other operators. But this report says that download speed of Airtel has gone down in past six months, while the network availability of Airtel is also low.


Facts of the OpenSignal Report

  • 7,369,029,252 Measurements.
  • 708,504 Test Devices.
  • Jun 1 – Aug 31, 2017, Sample Period.
  • Report Location- India.

Since Jio is the only LTE network which has topped in the report chart for its network availability and overall download speed. The report says that Jio’s network availability has increased quite higher in past few months. Current network availability of Jio is more than 95{7d9851a1ec2731a16fd80d96f136ec8ac1cdfb25a3b054160c86ce0e27bfed8f} in India which is the highest among all other telecom operators. Other operator’s network availability is not even near to Jio’s.

OpenSignal says that it involves 7.36 billion measurements which are collected from around 7,00,000 devices during the period of June to August 2017. All data is collected from the OpenSignal mobile app users which includes Android and iOS both.

The top three service providers Airtel, Idea & Vodafone saw the increase in LTE reach but network availability & overall download speed was low. Among the top telecom operators, Vodafone users had to experience the lowest latency while Jio had the highest latency. The report says that Jio’s speed has increased rapidly and now increasing day by day.

Overall download speed for Jio is increased from 3.9Mbps to 5.8Mbps which is highest among all other telecom operators of India. Airtel has the overall download speed of 5.05Mbps which is decreased as compared to the previous report. Idea has the overall download speed of 3.69Mbps and Vodafone has the overall download speed of 4.06Mbps.

However, Airtel has topped in the 4g Download Speed with the highest speed of 9.15 MBPS and Jio has got the 4g download speed of 7.45Mbps. Idea got the 4g download speed of 7.4Mbps and Vodafone has the download speed of 5.81Mbps.


If we go through the whole report then we can conclude that at the present time Jio is the best telecom operator in India with the highest network coverage availability and the highest overall download speed. The good thing about Jio is that it has defeated the telecom giants of India in just a short span of time which is a quite big victory for Jio. It is assumed that there can be an improvement in JIo’s 4g download speed in future.

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