How to Install BlackBerry Messenger on Windows

Install BlackBerry Messenger on Windows

How to Install BlackBerry Messenger on Windows:  BlackBerry Messenger has been in Trend since the last few decades, but we always knew that BlackBerry Messenger can be installed or can be used only on BlackBerry mobile phones.Anyhow using BlackBerry Messenger is now possible on any Windows, for example, Windows 10 or Windows 7 or even Windows 8 or 8.1 or XP.

BlackBerry Messenger has proved to be the best alternative for WhatsApp, Line Messenger, WeChat et cetera.We can use this messenger to chat with our relatives, friends, acquaintances and all. BlackBerry Messenger also provide us with the facility of free voice calling with our friends or video calling. All we need to do is to free download the Blackberry messenger  .apk  file for use in the Android or on the Windows system. You can also download megabox on your Android mobile phone to watch  latest movies & TV Serials online.

But why all of a sudden use the Blackberry Messenger?

Why is it one of the most famous or the most downloaded apps in the Play Store these days?

Some of the users of BlackBerry Messenger have been mentioned in the following piece of this article:

These are the key points which make BlackBerry Messenger one of the most useful applications for communicating through social media.Blackberry message is the best app undoubtedly for sending or exchanging unlimited text length messages.It is also equally efficient in sharing high definition images.You can also send your location and all the other textual stuff At a very high speed.

How to Install BlackBerry Messenger on Windows

How to Install BlackBerry Messenger on Windows

It comes for free, and all you need is just the Internet connection on your phone. Blackberry Messenger also provides you with the retract option to delete a message. This is one of the remarkable features which makes BlackBerry Messenger stand out amongst the all other kinds of social networking applications. It can also give you an entertaining mode of communication through the use of stickers and pictures in your conversation. Voice call comes for free in the Blackberry messenger which makes it and even better application than many other apps.

How to Install BlackBerry Messenger on Windows

BlackBerry Messenger has also got one very out of the ordinary feature which is the group channels to explore ideas or opinion.You can also personalize your profile and set status according to your wish. In this messenger videos of size, less than 16 MB can be easily exchanged through the Blackberry messenger application. All you need to do is free download BlackBerry Messenger .apk file on the BlueStacks software.

How to install!

Here in this piece of writing, you will get to be on familiar terms with about how to download the Blackberry messenger application on your Windows system.For running the BlackBerry Messenger on a Windows appliance, you will need the latest free BlueStacks software.

  1. So you first that would be to download the BlueStacks software of the most recent version on your device without any graphics card error.
  2. After the first step is done, it will now support the Blackberry Messenger and will let you use it very smoothly on your non-Blackberry device.
  3. For a smooth running of this process, you will need a full and non-disruptive connection to the Internet.
  4. To resolve the graphics card error 2500 problem update the graphics card before the installation of the BlueStacks software.
  5. Once the installation of the BlueStacks is over, you need to download the Blackberry application which comes for free.
  6. For the downloading of BlackBerry Messenger open the BlueStacks application and click on the search button of the BlueStacks type BlackBerry Messenger and you will be directed to the Play store.
  7. You will find the application BBM.
  8. Then go for installation
  9. When you click on the install button, you will have pop-up appearing on your screen asking you to accept the permissions and allowance of the same.
  10. Click on the green button.
  11. Once the installation gets completed, the open button appears.
  12. Click it and then you will find a screen where you will be asked to create an account in the Blackberry Messenger.
  13. For creating an account, you will need to put in your name your email id and relevant password.
    After you have entered all the credentials, you will be directed to the page where they ask for the confirmation of your email ID.
  14. For the confirmation of your email id just look up into the message inbox of your mail id and then find out if there is any mail regarding your Blackberry messenger profile setup.
  15. If it is there then click on confirm button and there you are.

Now you are a BBM user on a Windows interface!

We hope that this article had been used for those who want to download BlackBerry Messenger on Windows gadgets we will be coming up with more of such beautiful Trek in our upcoming articles thank you for giving it a read.

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