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How to Hack Wifi Password Without Root

hack wifi without password

How to hack Wi-Fi Password

We are all addicted to Wi-Fi these days. the reason being Wi-Fi is one of the easiest and convenient ways of connecting to the Internet and we all know that the Internet is an indispensable substance of the decade. no matter what we are up to we are always under the control of the world wide web. But for a smooth connection to the Internet or large data transfer, for example, online video watching or movie downloading we would always prefer Wi-Fi rather than normal 2G /3G data pack on our gadgets say for example PC mobile phones et cetera.

We often look for the Wi-Fi connection whenever we get to know that there is free Wi-Fi around us. But sometimes we fall prey to a situation where the Wi-Fi connection is not possible without the password required. And mostly it turns out into the situation where we do not possess the Wi-Fi password.

So, in that case, we generally look for ways through which we can somehow connect to the Internet by Wi-Fi and anyone who would be good at tricks or be a technocrat would be likely to go out and search for some way of hacking the Wi-Fi password of the network available at the point. But guys, do we all know how to hack the Wi-Fi password?

If not then this article is surely going to help you find out the perfect way of cracking the Wi-Fi password and he would be smoothly using the Internet after connecting to the closest wireless network with the password you just hacked.

So let’s check out what’s there for you in this article.

Google Play Store brings to you a stock of applications which are in use for the purpose of hacking Wi-Fi passwords. One of the most useful apps for this purpose is the Wi-Fi password scraper.

In this application, you would just need to click a button in order to get the hang of the password you necessitate to sneak into the Wi-Fi of some other user.

Just follow these simple steps and the Wi-Fi password is in your hands this application is preferred for one more reason which is the application not only works on rooted android devices but it also works equally well on on rooted Android gadgets so if you want to use this application then you can go ahead without thinking about rooting your phone the following few steps will lead you to the hacking of WiFi password and getting yours connected to the Internet through the Wi-Fi network possessed by some other owner download the app from the Google Play Store install it wait till it gets completely installed and then open it after opening it you will see that there is a green lock icon appearing on all the available WiFi networks around you

Once you see all the green lock icons appearing just click on any one of the networks you wish to get connected to and the entire jobs done the Wi-Fi network will not ask for any password it will directly for you do that network its signals for so now you are connected to the WiFi network without any hassle by just clicking buy just one tap on the screen

the Andro Dumper Android

Another well-known app for hacking WiFi password is the Andro Dumper Android app this Android application works pretty well on not rooted devices so you would not require to think about rooting your device mi4 downloading or installing this application the simple steps down here will show you how to crack the WiFi password and get connected to the network without any trouble first you need to download the application also download is complete Goa and install it after the installation is done open the application and then press the refresh button or refresh the application refreshing needs you to scanning all the available WiFi networks and then the networks that have been detected will appear on the screen next thing is that you need to try to connect option from the popup and this application find the WiFi password within a few facts of seconds now you have the Wi-Fi password with you and so you can enjoy the Wi-Fi connection as much as you want to

We hope that this article has brought to you few ways of getting connected to the WiFi without any password will bring forth much more of such wear tricks to make your life a simple one

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